Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Collar Necklace Crazed

With fall fashion in full swing, I have been wearing lots of collared shirts to add a touch of sophistication to my daily wardrobe.  However, the plain collared shirt look can get a bit monotonous and dull, so I've been spicing up my outfits by wearing a variety of collar and bib necklaces to add some interest to my neckline.  Collar necklaces are a great way to add a subtle edge or a chic twist to your button downs, oxford shirts, and dress shirts with colors, textures, and styles that are endless.  From simple and classy, to daring and edgy, collar and bib necklaces are simple jewelry pieces that can really enhance your collared shirt outfits.  Below are some examples of the collar and bib necklaces I have worn recently, which are mostly of the edgy variety, and are primarily consistent of silver toned pieces (since I'm not all that fond of gold…but I try to keep my options open).  =]

A couple of occasions where I've worn a collar necklace.  Both necklaces worn will be featured with details individually below.  Bag by Alexander Wang, and boots by Jeffrey Campbell (in both shots).

Gold "Urban Safari" necklace by Jewelmint

Silver draping spiked necklace by H&M

Gunmetal pyramid studs and draping chains necklace from Forever 21

Silver plaque necklace from Forever 21

Silver thick chain necklace by Mixe Medium

Silver geometric and bead necklace from Forever 21

Gunmetal interlocking pyramid stud and dangling spike necklace made from scraps of an old necklace from Charlotte Rousse

Antique silver geometric necklace from House of Aria


  1. I think that it's so hilar that we are on the same wave length with bib necklaces! I wear them to work alllllll the time with collared shirts! You look fab :)


    1. I love them sooo much!!! I can't believe I was so against wearing short necklaces, and now I just can't get enough. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. =]