Monday, April 28, 2014


I'm back with a new outfit post.  Don't all cheer at once.  It's the first one in absolutely forever, I know.  This time around, I'm getting a bit sporty for spring.  In this outfit, I paired the black printed tank top I got from the Peter Pilotto for Target collection (that came out a few months ago) tucked into one of my favorite pair of shorts that I own, the rust colored cut off shorts by Rag & Bone.  I belted it with a black leather belt with geometric silver buckle by Ralph Lauren, which matched the silver buckles on the black leather ankle boots I wore by Zara.  The accessories followed suit, and reflected the same black and silver color scheme, aside from the white embossed leather cap I wore by American Apparel.  I'm really liking the sporty look for spring, a trend I feel actually goes well with my wardrobe.  Spring and summer aren't my favorite seasons in terms of trends and wardrobing, but I'm growing fond of the ones that are out right now, and I'm making them suitable for my comfort level and existing personal style.  Below are a few shots of the outfit and the accessory details, that you can also see on my Lookbook here (follow me please).  All photos taken by Taylor.  =]

Outfit Details: Black printed racerback tank by Peter Pilotto for Target // Rust colored cut off shorts by Rag & Bone // Black leather belt with silver buckle by Ralph Lauren // White embossed leather cap by American Apparel.  See other photos for accessory details.

Round mirrored lens sunglasses by Forever 21.

Stainless steel simple rings by L'mond // Silver stainless steel small link watch by Emporio Armani // Black leather and silver hardware name plate bracelet by Marc by Marc Jacobs // Black and silver hinged lizard embossed bangle by Saks 5th Avenue.

Silver buckled black leather ankle boots by Zara.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Art & Flea: Love for Wes

I can't recall if I've ever put up a post on here about Art & Flea...but oh well, here's one.  I used to make it a point to attend all of the Art & Flea events that are held monthly, but I managed to miss a couple recently, for whatever reason.  Even so, I was able to attend the most recent one that was held on April 24, 2014.  The theme for this one, as there is a theme each time, was "Love for Wes," a commemoration of the director and screenwriter Wes Anderson.  The warehouses where the event was held were appropriately adorned with decor reflecting the theme, and people surely dressed the part as well.  I would have dressed to fit the theme, since I am someone who typically likes to dress accordingly for an occasion, but I seriously didn't have anything that would remotely fit the bill.  All in all, I had a good time at this event, as I typically do.  Although I wasn't able to take a photo booth picture, which I usually do at these events, mainly because I was too impatient to wait in the long line for time for sure.  Below are photos I took while at the event (and one of something I bought while there), that I will take time to caption later, but feel free to ask me in the comments if you have any questions about them.  All photos taken by me, aside from the one I'm in (of course).  =]

Monday, April 21, 2014

HNL Night Market - April 19, 2014

It has surely been a while since I've attended a Honolulu Night Market, an event held monthly in the Kakaako area of downtown Honolulu.  I managed to make my way there this month, however, to see what there was to see.  As usual, there were lots of great local food trucks that represented an array of diverse foods, both sweet and savory.  Entertainment was also in abundance, with live musical performances, and a fashion show in the lineup.  But being the shopaholic I am, I of course had to check out the Pinch of Salt featuring local vendors that had clothes & accessories, artwork, and other nifty things for sale.  I did end up picking something out while browsing through these vendors, that I'll share either in a future post here, or on my Instagram account.  Below are some photos I took while attending Honolulu Night Market.  All photos taken by me, aside from the one taken by Ericka Bueno (the one I'm in).  =]

Too bad someone smudged the chalkboard. Haha.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mani(c) Monday - April 14, 2014

It is absolutely pitiful how this will only be the second nail post I'm putting up this year thus far.  So it's a bit needless to say, that I need to take and post my nail photos at least once a week, which is how often I change my color anyway.  Nonetheless, the color I'm wearing in this post is Dulce De Leche by OPI, a gorgeous nude pink shade, that shows up a bit mauve and tan in different lighting.  I can't say enough how glad I am that this shade is in my nail polish collection, and it has quickly become among my absolute favorites, that I know I can wear anytime throughout the year.  Calling it "the ideal pink-toned nude nail polish" seems very fitting, and I really believe that it would look flattering on any skin tone.  Springtime is here, and I need to start busting out my colorful shades, to keep from boring you with all my neutral polishes.  I'd love to know what polishes you all are currently wearing, so let me know down in the comments.  All photos taken by me.  =]

Dulce De Leche by OPI

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Louis Vuitton Totally MM Damier Ebene - First Impressions + Pictures

As some of you may know, I got a new bag recently.  The bag I got was the Louis Vuitton Totally MM in Damier Ebene...and even though I filmed an unboxing video where I was thoroughly excited about it, I ended up exchanging this bag.  However, I did snap a few photos of it while it was in my possession, which you can see down below.  I had the bag for a total of 3 days before I went in and exchanged it, to which I tried it on numerous times in varied ways.  Aside from trying the bag on, I also tested to see how the things I usually carry around looked and fit into the bag.  I even wore the bag out for an entire day completely filled with the things I would normally carry (shhh...don't tell Louis Vuitton).  In my honest opinion, I find the bag to be incredibly practical, and is definitely ideal for an everyday bag.  That being said, here is my breakdown list of things I liked and disliked about the bag:

Things that I liked about the bag:
-It is finally available in Damier Ebene (which means treated dark leather details that won't patina or show age and dirt).
-It is the perfect sized tote for my height (I'm about 5'5").
-Ample room inside, with added pockets on the outside.
-The gorgeous red lining, which makes it easier to find things, and looks really chic as a contrast to the outside of the bag.
-There is a zipper that closes the large compartment of the bag completely shut.
-The hardware on the straps allow for the straps to fall flat against the bag (not just stiff and straight up).

Things that I disliked about the bag:
-The one I got was made in the U.S.A. (and so were all of the other 6 the store had available at the time).
-Even though all of my things fit into it comfortably, I hoped it would have more room so that I wouldn't have to puzzle my things in to fit nicely (there was no GM or larger option available for this bag).
-There was a gap at both ends of the zipper, which allowed you to see the red lining from the interior.
-It gave me a "mommy bag"/diaper bag vibe, that people I asked seemed to agree with...which I have absolutely nothing against, it just didn't seem enough like "me."
-The leather pull tabs at each end of the zipper will eventually begin to curl up (which I happened to notice occurring with people who own the Monogram Canvas or Damier Azur version of the bag).

All in all, the factors about the bag that I disliked were enough to cause me to change my mind, even though I was absolutely infatuated with it at first.  There were no concerns or issues in exchanging the bag, although I did spend a good hour or so at the Louis Vuitton store figuring out which one I wanted to get instead.  The "made in France" factor played a big part in deciding, since I was set on getting one that was French made.  I ultimately found one that I am surely in love with, and have no regrets towards it thus far.

So I bet you're wondering what bag I decided on in place of the Totally MM in Damier Ebene...well, you are gonna have to wait and see me talk about it in my much belated March Favorites video, that you can see (here) once I've uploaded it.  Although, if you follow me on Instagram (@thestyleminded), it's possible you might have already seen the pictures I posted featuring it.  Below is the embedded unboxing video of the Totally MM in Damier Ebene, as well as the few photos I took before exchanging it.  All photos taken by me.  =]