Monday, April 14, 2014

Mani(c) Monday - April 14, 2014

It is absolutely pitiful how this will only be the second nail post I'm putting up this year thus far.  So it's a bit needless to say, that I need to take and post my nail photos at least once a week, which is how often I change my color anyway.  Nonetheless, the color I'm wearing in this post is Dulce De Leche by OPI, a gorgeous nude pink shade, that shows up a bit mauve and tan in different lighting.  I can't say enough how glad I am that this shade is in my nail polish collection, and it has quickly become among my absolute favorites, that I know I can wear anytime throughout the year.  Calling it "the ideal pink-toned nude nail polish" seems very fitting, and I really believe that it would look flattering on any skin tone.  Springtime is here, and I need to start busting out my colorful shades, to keep from boring you with all my neutral polishes.  I'd love to know what polishes you all are currently wearing, so let me know down in the comments.  All photos taken by me.  =]

Dulce De Leche by OPI

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  1. This really is a super-flattering shade on you! You're probably right--I bet it would suit a whole range of skin tones too. Plus it's a perfect shade for spring!

    I'm always so psyched to see more guys rocking awesome nails like yours, so yeah, more nails posts, please! (^_^)