Friday, April 25, 2014

Art & Flea: Love for Wes

I can't recall if I've ever put up a post on here about Art & Flea...but oh well, here's one.  I used to make it a point to attend all of the Art & Flea events that are held monthly, but I managed to miss a couple recently, for whatever reason.  Even so, I was able to attend the most recent one that was held on April 24, 2014.  The theme for this one, as there is a theme each time, was "Love for Wes," a commemoration of the director and screenwriter Wes Anderson.  The warehouses where the event was held were appropriately adorned with decor reflecting the theme, and people surely dressed the part as well.  I would have dressed to fit the theme, since I am someone who typically likes to dress accordingly for an occasion, but I seriously didn't have anything that would remotely fit the bill.  All in all, I had a good time at this event, as I typically do.  Although I wasn't able to take a photo booth picture, which I usually do at these events, mainly because I was too impatient to wait in the long line for time for sure.  Below are photos I took while at the event (and one of something I bought while there), that I will take time to caption later, but feel free to ask me in the comments if you have any questions about them.  All photos taken by me, aside from the one I'm in (of course).  =]

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