Monday, April 21, 2014

HNL Night Market - April 19, 2014

It has surely been a while since I've attended a Honolulu Night Market, an event held monthly in the Kakaako area of downtown Honolulu.  I managed to make my way there this month, however, to see what there was to see.  As usual, there were lots of great local food trucks that represented an array of diverse foods, both sweet and savory.  Entertainment was also in abundance, with live musical performances, and a fashion show in the lineup.  But being the shopaholic I am, I of course had to check out the Pinch of Salt featuring local vendors that had clothes & accessories, artwork, and other nifty things for sale.  I did end up picking something out while browsing through these vendors, that I'll share either in a future post here, or on my Instagram account.  Below are some photos I took while attending Honolulu Night Market.  All photos taken by me, aside from the one taken by Ericka Bueno (the one I'm in).  =]

Too bad someone smudged the chalkboard. Haha.

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