Friday, December 14, 2012

Balenciaga Baby

I have always been fond of the look and craftsmanship of the Balenciaga leather goods, but it always seemed to be something that was far out of range in terms of price and accessibility.  However, a Balenciaga store opened up at the Ala Moana center this fall, which made me eager to see the selection they had, and opened my mind to picking up one of their pieces.  Having gone in a couple times to view the items the Balenciaga store had to offer, I never really showed any interest in anything they had on display.  Although after looking online a bit on the Balenciaga website, I had grown an attraction to the leather bracelets they have, particularly the gorgeous neutral colored ones that would suit everything in my wardrobe.  Keeping this in mind, I had my heart set on the giant silver hardware leather bracelet in latte, that seemed to be utter perfection in terms of color versatility.  Knowing the specific bracelet I wanted, I went in to the Balenciaga store once more, and asked to see their selection of leather bracelets since they only had a few color varieties out on display, and sure enough found the leather bracelet in latte with the giant silver hardware.  I was instantly in love, so I asked to try it on, and was completely sold.  It was definitely an impulsive splurge purchase, but completely worth it in my eyes.  Below are several shots of my Balenciaga bracelet, along with shots of the other bits and pieces that came packaged along with it.  All photos were taken by me.  This bracelet and more are available at  =]

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