Monday, June 3, 2013

Mani(c) Monday - June 3, 2013

I feel like it has seriously been an entire month since I've done by nails...since I've been incredibly caught up in things and either too lazy or exhausted to do em.  Nonetheless, here's a new nail post for you all.  This time I have on Tart Deco by Essie, an electric neon coral shade, that can look quite pinky in some lighting.  I am absolutely in love with this shade, particularly since it is transitioning from spring to summer.  At first, I was a little hesitant to wear such a bright color on my nails, but I fell absolutely in love with it, and would highly recommend this shade.  I also featured this polish in my spring essentials, so you can check that out (here) if you haven't already.  Hoping to be more consistent in getting these nail posts up, so look out for more very soon.  All photos taken by me.  =]

Tart Deco by Essie

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