Friday, August 9, 2013

Colorful Kid

Me oh my, it has been such a long while since I've posted an outfit post here, which I definitely need to work on being more consistent in doing.  Anywho, summer is dwindling down and fall is becoming very present in the clothing options that are available in stores, even though it's pretty much summer all year around here in Hawaii.  Nonetheless, I've been trying my very best to utilize the brighter options I have in my summer wardrobe as I eagerly await all the gorgeous wardrobe elements of fall.  In this look, I really wanted to form the basis of the entire outfit on both the colorful nature of the shirt, and the transparent quality of the clutch (outfit details in the photo captions below).  I'm honestly one who is not all that daring when it comes to striking colors, but I have somehow managed to find ways to meld it into my existing wardrobe through the course of this summer.  I know fall is just around the corner, but I wanna squeeze a few more summer looks in before then.  All outfit photos taken by Reisha Sakauye, accessory detail shots taken by me.  =]

 Outfit Details: Colorful printed t-shirt by Little Tokyo from Sanki, cobalt corduroy shorts by American Apparel, Shoes: transparent white jelly shoes by Mel by Melissa for Forever 21.  See other photos for accessory details.  

Transparent box clutch on chain from Basique Threads.


  1. Love the color on the shorts! That transparent box clutch is so neat! A messy gal like me couldn't possibly keep things tidy in it. But yours looks nice :)

    1. Thanks so much! Sorry I didn't see your comment till now. Glad you liked this outfit. =]

  2. I love this style, something i would love to try. I'm guessing the shoes are womens and i can't find them anywhere.