Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tentative Posting Schedule

After realizing I had only one measly post up for the month of August, I decided some change was in order, and I better get the ball rolling in consistently posting on this blog.  This being said, I have devised a tentative schedule of posts that would make up the content that I will be putting out both on my blog as well as videos on my YouTube channel.  Said schedule will go as follows:

Sunday - Say Something Sunday: Varied posts relating to any items of interest to me, whether it's a lifestyle post, rants and raves, random vlogging, or just sharing bits of information I find worthwhile. Don't worry, these posts should include pictures, so don't get bored just yet.

Monday - Manic Monday: Weekly nail post of what I'll have on my nails for the coming week.  I have already established this post, but have really been inconsistent in posting regularly.

Tuesday - Nothing unless I decide to put up a fashion or beauty related post.

Wednesday - Outfit Post: Pretty self explanatory…at least I hope so.

Thursday - Nothing unless I decide to put up a fashion or beauty related post.

Friday - Outfit Post: See explanation from Wednesday.  =]

Saturday - New Video on my YouTube channel.  Also, I'm hoping to have some kind of feature post here, where I can showcase people I admire that either share similar interest, or just have something interesting to contribute.  Feel free to message me if you have ideas, recommendations, or suggestions regarding this.

Hope my schedule goes as planned, even though I'm already behind in posting as I intended to.  I would love to get any kind of feedback regarding what I post, just so I have a sense of how you all are receiving things.  Sorry if this was a lot to read, I tried to keep it minimal.

Stylishly Yours,

-Reese  =]

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