Saturday, September 21, 2013

One Fresh Night

Happy Sunday everyone.  I can't tell you all how much I looked forward to the weekend after a pretty hectic, grueling, and stressful week.  I think I may or may not share weekend endeavors on these "Say Something Sunday" posts, but it'll all depend on if there was anything of interest that I did over the weekend.  Anyway, back to this post...yesterday (Saturday) was a pretty fun filled and eventful day, as I planned it out from morning to night.  The day started off pretty dull, in that I just laid around for majority of the morning contemplating my day's activities.  My day didn't really carry on into action until mid afternoon, when I went to stop by the iKandy flagship store, and to Target to kill time before my evening plans (there will definitely be a Target haul sometime soon). Started the night off stopping by the Fresh event hosted by the Valerie Joseph Boutique, which benefits Community Helping Schools, a non-profit organization that gives back to public schools in need.  It was definitely a lively environment that carried a very positive vibe in support of a worthy cause, particularly since it was hosted at a night club (The M at restaurant row to be specific).  After the festivities there, I went to the 1 year anniversary of Honolulu Night Market in Kaka'ako, where it was a bit rainy, which made it unfortunate as it is mostly an outdoor event.  Despite the rain, however, it was still a good time.  I was able to see some wonderful home decor and furnishings by Pad Hawaii, stop by Kira Hawaii, who makes amazing jewelry, and visited Paiko to see some lovely plants and things of that nature. All in all, I'd say it was a good day to night well spent.  Pictures below depict some of the highlights of my Saturday, feel free to leave me comments on how you spent your weekend, and if you have any questions regarding mine.  All photos (except the first one) were taken by me, other photo taken by Ericka Nicole Bueno.

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